Especialidades Mecánicas Industriales


Quick-release adapters have become indispensable in the fluid handling industry.


The versatility offered allows to reduce the loading time in transport and transfer operations.


Normally made of bronze, they can be made in other materials such as steel; according to specific work needs.


The principle under which the EMI® pinch valve operates and which consists of squeezing (pinching) a rubber tube (which is the body) to achieve flow control.

The above, allows the application of our valve of all types of industrial fluids, both solid and liquid; abrasive or corrosive; inherent, medicinal or nutritional, since it operates additionally with the characteristics of a sanitary valve.


It is essential to maintain cleanliness in the circulation systems of a system, in order to ensure the quality of the products.

The basket filters were designed to contain waste that could be harmful to production.


Their great versatility and easy maintenance have made them a benchmark in the industry.


EMI has a wide variety of filters of the best quality and easy cleaning ..


EMI brand "T" filters offer simplicity in design, low cost and great versatility for use in continuous operations in industrial processes.


It offers a wide range of sizes, construction materials, type of connections and types of baskets that make it versatile, economical and highly efficient.


The safety equipment is a fundamental piece in any productive plant that handles hazardous materials.


Quick attention in case of an accident can make a difference in the health of an operator.


EMI is aware of this situation and has a wide range of showers and eyewash, made under the strictest quality standards so that they are fully available should they be needed.


DSC02315 R.jpg

The valves are an extremely important element in many productive processes.

Its main function is to regulate flows of communication between two parts of a system, so that the various elements serve correctly.


EMI valves have been successfully applied in a large number of production systems thanks to their solid manufacturing and excellent performance.


The sight glasses and / or "EMI" flow indicators are manufactured under strict quality standards to guarantee a long life.

We have several types of peepholes that will adapt to your needs, since we can offer them flanged, threaded, in different materials, for different mounts and different liquids.


As well as, we can offer special designs at the request of the client.


EMI simplex basket filters they are used to filter foreign material in pipes and provide cheap protection for pumps, meters, valves and similar mechanical equipment.


DSC02318 R.jpg

EMI brand "Y" filters are recommended for frequent use and installation before valves, meters, pumps or any other equipment.


As well as, to filter foreign material into pipes and provide cheap protection to these or similar equipment.


To improve the purity of the liquid and achieve a proper casting, the basket should be selected according to the product to be handled.


In case of requiring different types of perforations and meshes for special uses, EMI has them available.

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